Venture Lounge

The Catagonia Venture Lounge is our annual networking event in the heart of Berlin shortly before the end of the year. We invite the leaders of the start-up and tech community to interact and network with investors, politicians and representatives of large corporations as well as the Mittelstand in a relaxed setting.

Catagonia Venture Lounge 2014

The Catagonia Venture Lounge 2014 took place on the 20 November. Many interesting guests were having a good time and changing experiences and sights on current topics of high tech / internet. Under this years’ theme “Rising high…or falling low” we had many interesting interviews, the film will follow soon.

It was an exciting evening with great guests! Thanks to everyone – especially our sponsor


Here are some impressions

Catagonia Venture Lounge 2013

The 4th Catagonia Venture Lounge took place on the 25th of November 2013. Under the theme of “Fusing Skills”, we got together to party and exchange thoughts on the latest trends and topics in Startups, Tech/Internet and Venture Capital.

Many thanks to all our attendees for being such wonderful guests! Here is the evidence:


You can find the complete gallery here.

Photographer: Nils Krüger

Catagonia Venture Lounge 2012

“What is the biggest mistake that founders make?”

“What does ‘Mobile’ mean to you?”

“What are the hot topics for the future?”

Catagonia Venture Lounge 2011

“Is Berlin the next Silicon Valley?”

Catagonia Venture Lounge 2010