We help business owners, established companies and investors

We have founded and invested in startups. As corporate managers we have evaluated, bought, restructured and operationally managed established companies. Our excellent knowledge of the online and mobile technology sector flows into the business strategies and projects that we develop along with our clients. Through our investments in web technologies we monitor digital trends every day. We understand every position: the founders, the employees and the investors.

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What we do for small and medium enterprises and family businesses

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and are willing to share risks with the business owners that we work with. We understand digitization as a chance and not a threat for SMEs. We help business owners of SMEs to use digital and mobile technology to optimize and drive their businesses. We jointly develop business models and like to co-invest with the business owners when these models are implemented.

What we do for large enterprises

We develop innovative online- and technology-based business models for established companies and corporations, and support the implementation. We support organizations in expanding their business in strategically significant areas. We know the structures and processes of the corporate and the startup world and act as mediator. We work people-oriented and accompany our clients throughout the whole digital transformation process.

What we do for investors

With our investment history and investment approach we understand the role of active investors putting their own money at risk. Funds or family offices usually do not have the human resources and time to take over operational roles in the portfolio companies. We work with venture capital and private equity funds as well as family offices to help them analyze businesses (e.g. due diligence), restructure them and drive growth to the next level. We usually take operational roles on an interim basis to initiate change and help recruit the right talent.